3 Ways your POS Provider can Help Grow Restaurant Customer Relationships

Point of sale (POS) systems are evolving to meet the demands of consumers in the 21st Century. As a restaurant owner or manager, you know how busy the industry can be, especially as technology develops and changes. And keeping up with new advancements is not easy to do alone—especially when you have so much else to manage on a daily basis. So, how do you keep pace? How do you determine opportunities that will help you engage with current and prospective customers?

It’s no secret that technology can help with streamlining your restaurant operations and running a fast and efficient kitchen, but have you considered how it can help with other aspects of growing your business—like developing restaurant customer relationships? This isn’t always easily apparent to restaurant managers, and it’s just one of the key benefits to selecting a local restaurant POS provider that can help you identify opportunities and implement tools that will help seize them. Here are three ways your local POS provider should be helping you maximize the relationship management functionalities of your restaurant POS system:

Help You Integrate Your POS with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

As a restaurant owner you’re busy and don’t have time to spend managing multiple systems for sales and customer database management. That’s why you need a POS system that easily integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Ideally, these systems should be working together, so that the sales you ring help you gain visibility into who your shoppers are, and what they are buying. Your business can then identify various trends in customer groups, which allows you to target messaging accordingly to the specific groups who are most likely to respond.

Partnering with a value-based POS provider that also acts as a trusted adviser can help you better establish your systems and processes for handling your restaurant customer relationship management tools. An excellent POS provider will be able to offer you a system with built-in programs that simplify management and execution of activities, as well as help you integrate your current point of sale with these tools.

Some of these tools include:

  • Customer-targeted email marketing
  • Gift card programs
  • A customer-focused loyalty program

No matter how daunting the task of integration may seem, your local POS provider and consultant can help you accomplish this efficiently and successfully.

Help You Enhance the Customer Experience

Are you leveraging all the right technology tools to hit a home run in the customer experience? Don’t be afraid! If you aren’t sure, consult with your POS provider, which could help you discover that there are tools available that help your restaurant build customer relationships and help create a better overall experience.

Here are several ways your POS system can help you enhance the experience for your customers:

  • Optimizing front-and-back of house operations: Restaurant customer relationships are built from the service your restaurant provides. A good management system helps ensure your guests get what they need quickly and most importantly, accurately.
  • Find new revenue: Are you hesitant to explore new revenue streams like online ordering and integrations with third-party delivery companies? Your POS provider can help you find a solution that works for you and doesn’t require any extra time to execute.
  • Keep Customers Coming Back: Today’s restaurant customer wants their favorite restaurants to have gift and loyalty incentive programs. But where do you start and what type of program is right for you and your restaurant’s business model? The one that manages itself. Consult with your POS provider to discover your options.

Help You Remain Agile in an Ever-Evolving Industry

How can you keep up with trends in consumer behavior, their expectations, and new tools to help you meet them? The key is working with a local POS provider or consultant that especially places emphasis on building relationships – not just for you and your customers, but also on you AS their customer. A relationship centric company will help you create better restaurant customer relationships and help you with marketing, training, and the tools your restaurant needs to be successful.

Your POS provider should be a key part of the equation when it comes to helping you bridge the relationships you build with your customers by ensuring you have all the tools you need to be successful, as well as the ongoing support to keep business functioning optimally. From instillation to troubleshooting and everything in between, you need a partner that wants to help see you succeed and counts your success as their success by helping you get there.

A Valuable Partner

In the restaurant industry building relationships is a key aspect to the success of your business. By creating lasting relationships with not only your restaurant customers, but also your POS provider you can have a better handle on your daily tasks and challenges, which help better streamline your restaurant processes. You will also get the peace of mind knowing you have more time to focus on the needs of your customers and less time worrying about your technology solutions.

At Spark Solutions Group, we understand the key to building relationships because it’s the heart of our business. Many of our customers know us by name and call on us any time of day to help them with whatever it is their restaurant needs. Contact us to learn how Spark Solutions Group can be your solution provider and help your restaurant build and grow your customer relationships.

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