Our History

In 1974, Cowan’s Retail Systems was born out of the back of a station wagon. Back then, our sole focus was the sale of electronic cash registers. Over the past 45 years, many things have changed, including our name. Cowan’s became Spark Solutions Group in 2011.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to food service technology. We’ve been part of thousands of restaurant grand openings and get to enjoy hundreds more each year by providing the most current point of sale offerings.

Spark Solutions Group emphasizes customer support and specializes in providing our customers with a staff that has an extensive restaurant and POS technology experience. We like our employees to be able to speak “restaurant.”

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For over 45 years Spark Solutions Group has been a leader in restaurant and hospitality technology. Learn more about our company and the solutions we are proud to offer.



Jason Cowan

Principal, Business Development

I appreciate every opportunity I have to assist business owners with technology and to improve their business. My more than 25 years in the point of sale industry has been exhilarating, stressful, educational and fulfilling. Getting to know Spark customers has definitely been the most enjoyable part of my career; restaurateurs are the hardest working folks around and I enjoy helping make their lives just a little bit easier. I am a Salt Lake City native and received my business degree from the University of Utah. I now live in San Diego where I am growing and expanding our business. My wife Kristin and I have two delightful teenagers. They are all a source of pride in my life and keep me motivated to do my best. Please contact me, I am very interested in learning about you and your business!

Phone: 800.338.9319 x. 221

Email: jason@sparksg.co

Randy Gunter

Principal, Business Operations

I was born in a very small town in Wyoming. I graduated from Utah State University and then moved to Salt Lake City right after. My career started in the home loan industry then to corporate credit cards and then to corporate training. I then took a detour into restaurant management. I loved working in the restaurant world but wasn’t a fan of the crazy hours I was working. I found this company and was able to encompass all of my past experience into the perfect career. I became the Director of Operations in 2010 and became a principal in 2014.  Outside of work, my little one keeps me on the go. If we’re not at home working on the house or yard, we’re traveling, visiting a great restaurant or quite possibly camping out in front of the TV.

Phone: 801.828.2218

Email: randy@sparksg.co

Jimmy Dublino

Implementation Specialist

I gained most of my experience in computers and networking as head of IT for a local call center company.  I always wanted to work in a bar so I got a side job as a barback at a new bar in Holladay, Utah. Part-time eventually moved to full time that eventually led to me buying into ownership.  I was able to sell my shares in that bar and open my own. “The Devils Daughter” was born. After a few years, the stress of the bar business started to get to me. My family wanted to see me more so I decided I needed to find a more 9-5 job.  I found Spark Solutions Group and thought it would be a perfect fit. 

When I am not working at "being amazing" as I like to call it, I can be found at home with my family or outside doing yard work in which I find great joy.  I’m also a big sci-fi nerd and love to binge watch episodes of GOT or whatever latest anime that is out.

Phone: 800.338.9319 x. 232

Email: jimmy@sparksg.co

Evan Tendick

Implementation Specialist

I was born in Hawaii and have spent the majority of my professional life in customer service.  I’ve managed a coffee shop, a hotel, several restaurants, been a barista, a bellboy and a bartender.  I guess you could call me a “jack of all trades" in the hospitality industry.  I was a professional driver on a television show film crew, a baker that woke long before the crack of dawn to start his workday, spent a few seasons installing and repairing sprinkler systems and worked for a river rafting company in southern Utah. When I’m not at work, I’m with my wife and two amazing young children - either being cozy at home or off on an adventure in the mountains, the desert or most preferably…the beach.

Phone: 800.338.9319 x. 227

Email: evan@sparksg.co

Michelle Longley

Contracts Administrator/Accounts Receivable

I grew up in Idaho.  I’ve always been a hard worker even as a youngster.  I started babysitting at the age of 12 and mowed lawns for extra cash in addition to working a full-time job through my teens. I have a very strong work ethic and try to constantly gain knowledge in whatever environment I’m working in. Outside of work, you can usually find me with my husband working on some sort of project, as I usually have several going on at once. Family is the most important thing to me and I am an avid animal lover and mom to several.  I also enjoy good music, good food, the outdoors and traveling.

Phone: 801.828.2226

Email: michelle@sparksg.co

Suzi Flandro

Supply Sales Manager

I’m proud to say that I’ve been with Spark longer than anyone!”  Suzi started in 1991 as the Front Desk Receptionist and then transitioned into Supply Sales.  In her tenure here at Spark, it’s hard to imagine how many hundreds of tons of paper she has lifted and delivered to her customers.  “I love my customers. I’ve worked with most of them so long that I’m able to just know when they need to place an order. I’ll call them and they’ll ask, ‘How did you know?  I was just going to call you!’.” Suzi loves her husband Bill, adores her two kids and goes nuts over her grandkids.

Phone: 801.828.2230

Email: suzi@sparksg.co