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Boost Customer Convenience

Forget about customers writing checks, dropping them in the mail and waiting for checks to clear. Hyfin creates a faster and smoother experience. This translates to happier customers and more repeat business!

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Streamline Your Operations

Say goodbye to the manual drudgery of depositing checks. Hyfin automates record keeping, simplifies reconciliations and frees up valuable time for you to focus on running your business. 

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Enhance Overall Security

Checks are vulnerable to theft and fraud. Hyfin offers robust security features and fraud protections.  This safeguards both your business and your customer's financial information and gives everyone involved peace of mind.

Get paid fast, like really fast!

Waiting for checks to clear can strain your cash flow. Electronic payments offer near-instant settlements, ensuring faster access to your funds and helping you manage your finances more effectively. 

Create dual pricing magic!

Offer two ways to pay and watch processing fees nearly vanish. Hyfin's dual pricing option is a potent weapon in your arsenal to combat fee fatigue and boost your bottom line.  Let your customers decide to use a credit card or direct debit from their bank account.

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Simplify your accounts receivable!

Stop Chasing Invoices

Craft payment requests in seconds, then blast them via email or text. Done! Customers pay instantly, right on their phone or computer. No logins, no hassle, just cash in your pocket.

Anytime Terminal

Take payments anywhere with Hyfin's virtual terminal. Turn your phone into a payment powerhouse, accepting cards with ease at markets, client sites or even on a mountain hike.

Invoice Like A Pro

Ditch the spreadsheets! Smart invoicing automates your workflow, sends reminders and tracks payments for you. Focus on what matters, let Hyfin handle the rest.

Set & Forget

Schedule recurring payments for memberships, contracts or subscriptions. Your cash flows smoothly and automatically, so you can breathe easy.

Easy to use!

  • Trusted technical support
  • Seamless, secure platform
  • No contract, cancel anytime
  • Virtually eliminate fees
  • Reduce accounts receivable
  • Add QR codes & links


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