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Heartland Restaurant POS

Cloud-based POS that’s powerful, scalable, and feature-rich.

Take your restaurant where you’ve never even considered possible with the power of the cloud. Heartland Restaurant’s cloud-based restaurant POS software is an all-in-one system that is built to be powerful, scalable, and feature-rich, created specifically with your restaurant needs in mind.

Heartland Restaurant POS helps restaurant owners and managers conduct business in the most organized and optimized way possible while keeping customer experiences top-of-mind. With this cloud-based system, it's easier than ever to decrease waste and increase productivity in your restaurant.


Better Business Benefits from a Cloud-Based POS System

Improve Productivity and Increase Profits with a Restaurant POS System from Heartland

Optimize business processes in your restaurant with this set of robust management features that are cloud-based and scalable to fit perfectly with your workflow.

  • Turn Tables Faster: reduce wait times and let guests scan to pay right from their phone for their convenience.
  • Skip the Line: customers can order ahead and jump to the front of the line for extra speed.
  • Sync Front- and Back-of-House: make sure that kitchen and wait staff are on the same page with seamless, real-time integration via the cloud.
  • Order Tracking: know exactly where orders are from prep, to oven, and out to tables or delivery.
  • Remote Management: view sales and system data while being able to update menus and assist restaurant staff in real-time from any internet-enabled device.

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Restaurant POS Features Designed for Restaurant Owners

Flexible, Powerful and Scalable Features Built for any Restaurant

Make restaurant management easier and more profitable when leveraging these innovative features available through one integrated, easy-to-use suite.

  • Point of Sale: a cloud-based platform that continues with or without the internet to streamline restaurant operations.
  • Self-Order Kiosk: increase the average your customers spend while giving them added convenience to place orders when they are ready.
  • Online Ordering: restaurant guests can view and place orders online from anywhere.
  • Guest Application: for an added layer of convenience guests can order ahead and pay via app and skip the line.
  • Gift & Loyalty: increase brand awareness and keep customers coming back with programs to fit their desires.


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