Is a Help Desk Agreement right for your restaurant?

I believe the answer is yes for every one of our customers. When you have an issue with your POS on a busy night you need help right now and don't want a manager waisting time to ask for approval to call for help.  However, there are situations where a restaurant owner feels comfortable operating their POS system without a help desk agreement in place (good software and equipment helps too). Our support staff is here for you even if you don’t have an agreement, but here are some additional reasons why you may want to have a support agreement:

  • Peace of mind that anyone in your organization can call for help without getting approval.
  • 7 day a week support (8am-11pm in your local time zone).
  • All calls during the covered hours have no additional fees.
  • Support calls are recorded for quality assurance and training. 
  • One hour of training per month to assist with new employees or new programming.
  • Labor fees are reduced for after hour on-site service calls. 

The help desk fees are billed month-to-month and you can cancel at any time. The fees are based on the number of pos devices you have. Please contact us for a quote. We are here to support your success! 

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