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Integrated Employee Scheduling Software for Your Restaurant

Managing a restaurant or a family of restaurants can be a challenge no matter what type of restaurant you run. There are a variety of tasks and responsibilities restaurant owners and managers must keep up with when running an efficient and effective operation and labor is one of these tasks.

With a restaurant labor management system from OpenSimSim, you can make the best decisions from your business, all from one place. This state-of-the-art employee scheduling software helps decision makers create schedules on the fly and even offers a platform for communication with your restaurant’s employees.


Business Benefits

Efficient Scheduling Software

Put the power of technology to work for you in your restaurant. OpenSimSim’s employee scheduling software will offer these benefits and so much more:

  • A Single Platform for Employee Scheduling: Easily find and view all of your employee’s schedules in one place with the most accurate and up-to-date employee availability right at your fingertips. This makes managing your labor a breeze no matter how big or small your restaurant may be.
  • Easy Employee Schedule Adjustments: Android, iOS, and web app capabilities make it easier than ever for employers to build and create employee schedules from anywhere. The best part of all, the mobile app is free for users of the software.
  • Communicate More Efficiently: Private and group messaging capabilities allow employers to share schedules with employees through one click. Employees also get automatic reminders before the beginning of their work shift meaning less of a chance, they will forget they were scheduled.

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Product Features

Features Created to Augment your Restaurant Management Suite

An effective restaurant operation starts with your employees. Ensuring your business has enough labor to cover its operational needs is easy with an employee scheduling software with the best features available on the market today.

OpenSimSim gives your restaurant more power to accomplish even more:

  • Develop schedules anytime, anywhere from any device that connects to the internet, even from Android or iOS based mobile devices with apps created specifically for these platforms.
  • Create unique views to track labor costs and better predict and prepare for future labor needs of your restaurant for time of day, week, and even year.
  • Post open shifts on an open platform so employees can pick up additional shifts if they would like or their time allows.
  • Integrates with Heartland Restaurant, meaning restaurant owners or managers can import data from the software to OpenSimSim to make the process simple. 

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