Simplify your catering payments: Streamline your invoices and deposits with HYFIN!

Ditch the invoice dance: Craft stunning payment requests in seconds, then blast them via email or text. Done. Boom. Customers pay instantly, right on their phone or computer. No logins, no hassle, just cash in your pocket.

Double your savings: Experience dual pricing magic. Offer two ways to pay to watch credit card fees vanish, and boost your bottom line. Win-win, every time.

Terminal in your pocket: Take payments anywhere with our virtual terminal. Turn your phone into a payment powerhouse, accepting cards with ease at markets, client sites, or even on a mountain hike.

Invoice like a pro: Ditch the spreadsheets. Smart invoicing automates your workflow, sends reminders, and tracks payments for you. Focus on what matters, HYFIN handles the rest.

Set it and forget it: Schedule recurring payments for memberships, contracts, or subscriptions. Your cash flow flows smoothly and automatically, so you can breathe easy.

HYFIN - your all-in-one payment revolution:

  • Lightning-fast payments: Get paid instantly, ditch the wait.
  • Cost-saving power: Dual pricing and smart invoicing boost your profits.
  • Go mobile: Accept payments anywhere with the virtual terminal.
  • Effortless automation: Schedule recurring payments and say goodbye to spreadsheets.
  • Free trial: Experience the magic risk-free.

Don't just collect payments, own your cash flow. 

Contact us to find out how you can get started today! 

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