How Much $$$ Can Spark Save Your Business?

To find out how much savings are available takes very little time on your part and no commitment or obligation. We started providing payment processing services to give transparency and honesty to business owners accepting credit card payments. We would like to do that for anyone interested. Simply reply to this email with the word "interested". 

All we ask for is one month credit card statement. We will review it and give you a comparison and suggestions. Sometimes we just give you suggestions to take back to your current processor, but hopefully there are enough savings and value that you switch your processing to Spark Solutions Group. 

For our current customers, if you would like a review reply with "review" and I will review your account and get back to you. 

It is important to review your statement or ask me to do it for you. Business conditions change and you may be missing savings or have new fees you weren't aware of. 

Here are some key reasons why a statement review is essential:

  1. Identifying Errors: Credit card statements can sometimes contain errors, such as incorrect transaction amounts, duplicate charges, or fees that were not properly disclosed or agreed upon. 

  2. Assessing Fee Transparency: Understanding the fees imposed by the payment processor is crucial to evaluate the overall cost of accepting credit cards. This helps ensure transparency and guards against potential overcharging or unexpected fees. Calculate your effective rate to know the overall cost.

  3. Monitoring Fee Changes: Payment processors may update their fee structures periodically, and it's essential for you to stay informed about any modifications. Note: Spark has agreements with our processors that does not allow them to increase their fees without a signature by the business owner. 

  4. Budgeting and Financial Planning: Reviewing the credit card statement aids in budgeting and financial planning. By understanding the fees associated with accepting credit cards, you can accurately project costs, evaluate profitability, and make adjustments to pricing or operational strategies if needed. Beware of surcharge rules.

  5. Detecting Fraud or Unauthorized Charges: Regularly reviewing the credit card statement enables you to identify any fraudulent transactions or unauthorized charges. Detecting such incidents promptly allows you to take appropriate action.

If you want help reviewing these confusing statements please contact us.

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