3rd Party Order Fulfillment Made Easy

As you probably know, food delivery apps are in high demand  in the market today. Consumers like the convenience and restaurants appreciate the exposure and additional business these companies can bring.  However, implementing a 3rd party delivery company into existing workflow can be a hassle. You might have multiple companies, multiple tablets on the counter which create an interruption to your business flow and accounting reconciliation headaches. 

If you are receiving 8-10 orders per day or do not want your staff interrupted from serving the customers who are in your restaurant, it is time to integrate. Spark can assist you with the details and is painless to you the merchant. 

The benefits are:

No order confirmation or re-entry: When you integrate 3rd party delivery, the order automatically posts to your POS system, opens a check and sends the order to the kitchen. No need for your staff to confirm the order or re-enter it into your POS. In addition your counter will be clear of all those tablets!

Sales are properly tracked: Now that all the orders are directly sent to your POS your kitchen production is timely and the reports correctly reflect all sales. 

Payment reconciliation: Easily reconcile the payments made to 3rd parties so you can ensure you are paid what is due. 

Let Spark help you simplify your operations with this 3rd Party Delivery app POS integration.

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